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Medium Duty Gauge Tuner 1/1
    Medium Duty Gauge Tuner
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    • SKU: #46502 Medium Duty Gauge Tuner OVERVIEW: Medium Duty Gauge Tuner

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    Inspired by our popular HDGT, the sleek, intuitive MDGT increases horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency for tow trucks, tool trucks and medium-duty applications. A push-button interface, on-screen virtual gauges, and immersive full-color display help you clear DTC codes, monitor data, and adjust performance with dyno-proven calibrations. Driving Coach and Speed Limiter features enable efficient and safe driving. PROVEN PERFORMANCE: Preloaded with 3 levels of emissions-tested, dyno-proven tune files to satisfy your unique demands. As your performance needs change, simply choose between loading Economy, Power+Economy or Power tunes. The perfect combination of horsepower, torque and efficiency right at your fingertips. Monitor Parameters, Read and Clear DTCS: Monitor many parameters to keep track of engine performance. Read and clear any diagnostic trouble codes so there is never a question about an issue before heading to the shop. Cruise Limiter: Increase and decrease the set limit of the vehicles cruise control. Save time and money when continually crossing the US-Canadian border to change the cruise control set limit. FEATURES: Tunes: Save money and pull harder with the available tunes. Select the best tune for the job; economy, power and economy and power 75-100 hp gains. * Safety: Have more confidence while hauling. Set vehicle warnings to alarm if parameters are exceeded for coolant temperature, oil temperature, boost and speed. * Fuel Savings: Start saving today with the Bully Dog Heavy Duty Gauge Tuner with fuel savings up to 12 percent and keep the truck running longer safer. Utilize the driving coach to get the best economy possible.
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